I am 17 years old and currently attending Choong Ang High School. I am a junior there, majoring in Teaching. My older brother is Dae Joon and my step-mother is the witch, or in other words the President of the school! Follow and please take care of me!

luhan throwing water at chanyeol’s face + getting chased & lay & taemin

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Miss A is autographing their albums for you at GURUPOP!

GURUPOP’s Giveaway Event of autographed CD’s, posters of Miss A!

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GURUPOP's Giveaway Event of Autographed CD's, posters of U-KISS!

GURUPOP’s Giveaway Event of Autographed CD’s and posters of U-KISS!


I am syncing my new phone…..

61 songs of 493 are downloaded, plus! There are another 100 after xD

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Sorry I haven’t been doing stuff in the past day or so…

Went up to Chicago AND got my phone stolen (in a Chicago Park) … Yeah…(It was an I-phone..)

But I am getting my old one repaired today so hopefully I will have it soon

Im super bummed because I lost 600 pictures of my Chicago trip…

Super saddened xD

I just wish the thief left my sim card and took the phone. I wish I would have seen it so I could have told them that xD

I would rather have my sim card then the phone itself…^^”

Don’t reblog this take a screenshot of it and post with your bias’ name in the tag

Don’t reblog this take a screenshot of it and post with your bias’ name in the tag


Aish…People are so rude sometimes…

One accident gets you into a huge fight!


I made new tumblr accounts for all my people…Riah stays the same, but the others have their own now. in the OOC or pms, if you could please link me to your tumblrs so I can follow you! You will get 10 new followers! lol xD

I follow back ;D



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Politics are stupid. I’ve never gotten when the big deal was…

I know! Just..dumb T-T